Five Seconds Remaining

Five Seconds Remaining combined live dance performance with pre-recorded video footage. Five Seconds Remaining is a conversation between two childhood friends who are reunited through e-mail, text messaging and spoken word. The story unfolds as both characters begin to explore the ways in which new technologies affect how they communicate with each other. Five Seconds Remaining was premiered at the Arts Theatre, University of Bath on Saturday 27 April 2002.

How we communicate is defined by the means with which we communicate. As technology has progressed and new forms of communication have become available, the nature of communication has changed. This has caused small but significant changes in how we conduct relationships with others. When we meet the two friends they have already experienced a relationship with each other. Their new relationship, however, is defined by the new technology they use to communicate, both restricting and liberating their broken conversation.
Eshoda were funded by the Arts Council to make an installation based on Five Seconds Remaining. This was shown after their performance at the Merlin Theatre, Frome, in April 2003.